Spirit Rescue and House Clearance

Spiritual Rescue and Clearance is a very exciting and rewarding part of my work, I enjoy getting out and about, visiting homes and meeting new people, but the most rewarding aspect of my work is of course helping the family and the resident or trapped Spirit to move on and find peace.
This work has taken me all over the UK and I have seen all sorts!  I am always happy to help anyone in need, I will travel to the troubled home and after an initial talk with the family, I will walk through the home, making contact with any Spirit or Spirits that may be trapped or grounded. 

During the rescue work, I work with a team consisting of my dear Grandad and helper in Spirit “Fred” and my forever faithful and patient team of guides and helpers. Spirit Rescue is somewhat like detective work, piecing stories together and understanding issues and conditions that may cause the Spirits to become stuck or grounded.  As always I offer the Spirit compassion and understanding and often it is a two way process a case of putting things to rest, throwing in a mix of counselling, healing and compassion and between the group of us we have so far never failed to sort things out and send Spirit happily on their way.

I can travel to see you, and I am also happy to give more information or have a chat on the phone, so don’t sit there wondering if it’s your imagination, do give me a call and I will visit your home or other setting, letting you know for sure what you have going on and if nothings to be cleared at least you can have peace of mind. 

(Please see further details and examples of my work in the Spirit and Destiny Magazine)
Please see testimonials page for references.

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