Spiritual Development, Circle and One to One Development

Part of the joy of having these abilities is being able to share and help others, I struggled a little with my own development, I felt eager, excited and guided to develop but I really didn’t know where to go for help. I tried several different options and although some were very friendly, open and encouraging some were really not, so that is when I decided to start something up.  I thought to myself wouldn’t it be great if people who had an interest in Spiritual work could find a friendly non judgemental environment in which to gently unfold their own gifts. I firmly believe we are forever learning and even now in my circle or groups.

I understand these sessions are just as much for me as everyone else. I currently run development circles at various locations. Just like any other “circle” my group is dedicated to learning and facilitating the connection and communication with Spirit, each person in the group is on their own path and brings to the group their own experience and learning. Our circles are very light hearted and enjoyable and is open to anyone out there who has an interest in developing the ability of Mediumship.

I am often asked if someone can learn to develop Mediumship rather than it being a gift to be developed and I find this a very difficult question to answer. I think people can develop the gift of meduimship, I don’t necessarily think it has to be in your family, nor do I think you necessarily have to have had experiences as a child. However I do firmly know and understand that Mediumship can only be facilitated if your energy and understanding of life and humanity is at the right level.

As most Mediums will agree, their gift unfolded alongside personal life lessons, challenges and tragedies. Being a Medium is a serious commitment, and must only be undertaken when you fully understand the responsibility that you will carry.  A Medium grows in ability and understanding often through their own personal challenges of grief, sorrow, hardship and tragedy and I believe my own personal challenges are what enables me to bring comfort and compassion to my readings. 

I try to guide fledgling Mediums to understand all aspects of Mediumship and ground them with a greater understanding of how difficult some situations can be.  Another element we share in the group is laughter, a sense of humour is one of the most important things needed to do this work. Spirit always get me with their sense of humour and sometimes when I feel I am too serious they bring my smile back with something to make me laugh!

Healing and Mediumship are channelled through you as a medium or a healer, my group work focuses on the importance of you as a vessel being clear and of a good energy vibration. Humans vibrate at a lower denser energy level to our Spirit friends who vibrate with the lightest, fastest vibration, so in group you are shown ways to keep your own energy to the highest level which is the first step to becoming a good Medium.

Everybody is welcome to come along to group and if you just want to give it a go why not come and try out a session.  Whether you come to my group or leave this site, I will always say to anyone, forget fancy names and incredible claims, follow your heart and it will show you just what is right for you at this time. That is advice I wish someone had given me back at the start of my own path and advice that I feel is very valuable.

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