Connecting to Spirit: One to One Readings

I have been doing readings and demonstrations professionally for some time now and it is something that gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure. I currently work from the various locations in and around Buckinghamshire, and offer my services and demonstrations throughout the UK.

Bringing forward messages of love, guidance and support from your loved ones in the Spirit World is always a very emotional and uplifting experience. As you will see from my testimonials clients travel from all over the UK and abroad to sit with me and I feel very proud and somewhat overwhelmed that my reputation has spread so far and wide. I have been fortunate and never advertised and the majority of my clients come from word of mouth.

It is my understanding that each of us comes into this life with a gift or an ability to be shared with others and I am forever grateful that I have discovered my gift and contribution and that I can use it to bring from Spirit the healing, support and love to those who cross my path.

I believe as any one of my Clients will tell you, I am not about money or financial gain, I offer an unhurried approach with my readings. I do not believe you can place a monetary value to linking families together, to facilitating a chance where a deceased son can tell his Mum how much he still loves her, to reassure his parents he is ok, he is safe.  I have brought through so many important messages, brought so much comfort to clients who are grieving, answered questions that were never answered, that facilitating a reading for me is much much more than just a service.

I have given some client testimonials on a separate page, but I always believe in the power of guidance from Spirit, and I believe if you are meant to see me for a reading then you will feel very drawn to calling and if you are a bit unsure or its all new to you, please do ring I am happy to give you any more information, to have a chat.

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