Healing is a large part of my life, and to some extent it always has been and always will be. I felt a call to become a channel for healing at a very young age, particularly connecting to our animal companions. I would often just lay my hands upon them, to channel the comfort and love that I felt coming from the Angels and it always amazes me just how receptive ourselves and our Animal friends can be.

I offer Spiritual healing covering north Buckinghamshire and beyond. I consider myself very fortunate to be able to channel Angelic Healing, and I am forever amazed at just how powerful the healing energies from Angels can be. My clients often report such an incredible sense of Love and warmth during healing and more often than not they will drift off into light sleep during treatment, as their bodies accept the healing energy of the Angels. The treatment is hands on and I will allow the Angels and Master Healers of the Spirit World to use my body and my hands to channel healing energy.
The healing energy will always go where it is needed and it will always work for your highest good, some clients come to me for a specific problem, others will simply come for relaxation or to aid with sleeping or clearing stress. I always feel very fortunate to channel this higher healing energy, and it is always a pleasure to be part of healing with Angels.
During a treatment,I will often intuitively pick up what is going on or sometimes even what is causing the physical problems of my client to manifest. This information is shared at the end of the session and can be very insightful for the person receiving the healing.

I have seen incredible results through healing and especially with conditions involving  physical manifestations or problems within the body, on several occasions the disappearance of these manifestations can happen through my ability to trance heal; when trance healing, I will facilitate the Angels, Healers sometimes even Doctors and Surgeons of the Spirit Realms to work through me. Using my hands, they will often make small movements with my hands on the surface of the body which the Client may or may not be aware, but quite often clients report feeling the movement deep within their body during a treatment and it is not unusual that Clients also report a pulling and tugging sensation as the manifestations are pulled free of the body. This type of healing is sometimes referred to as Psychic surgery or trance healing.

As you will see from my Testimonials, I am as amazed as they are when some clients go back for scans and doctor visits and the manifestation or physical problem appears to have vanished. Whilst it is not for me to try to fully understand or explain what has happened, it is very difficult for them to explain to their Doctor or Surgeon if they go down to theatre for an operation and the problem has vanished.

I have always carried with me in this life, a desire to help, a desire to bring the Love and Light of the Spirit World, of the Angelic realms to those who cross my path, If you need healing or you know someone who does, I would be very happy to talk to you, to see if I can help in some way whether it be through remote healing, or home visits which I can offer, or seeing you at the clinic. Whilst I cannot promise the results of the healing, I can promise that the healing will be for your highest good and positive benefit so please do come and give it a try. 

*Healing sessions are at the various locations throughout Buckinghamshire, although if you are not able to travel, I am able to make hospice visits (at a slightly higher cost). Home Visits for Animal Healing are also available.

I believe all healing is spiritual healing, I am also a qualified Reiki Master and Teacher and offer Reiki Courses, Reiki 1 through to Reiki Master, please contact me if you would like further details.

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