Sarah Jewsbury, working as a Medium and Healer...

... Welcome to my Website,  I am very pleased to tell my story and offer my services to you.
I am a Spiritual Medium and a Healer based in Buckinghamshire but have travelled throughout the UK and Internationally with my work. My work is anything but ordinary and I hope you will find my website of Interest.  People book my services for a varity of reasons, whether they wish to make contact with a loved one in the Spirit world or whether they require clarity or answers to assist them to understand their life path or assist in very difficult circumstances.

My work as a Medium and Healer has allowed me to help many people and I am able offer the following services:
  • One to one Mediumship Sittings, in person or via skype 
  • Group bookings and Stage Demonstrations 
  • Spirit rescue, house blessing/clearance
  • Spiritual development Classes, regular circles and healing shares. 
  • Card life path Readings, in person or via skype.
  • Faith Healing, Reiki, Crystal, Animal and Sound Healing. Specialist Cancer Healing and Therapy. 
  • Regular Day and Weekend Workshops, advertised on the site or facebook.
  • Auragraphs (by post), Dream Board Sessions and Personal Development sessions
  • Past Life Regression, Emotional rebalance and Cord Cutting therapy.
  • Emotional and Physical Aura Cleanse/Balance.
  • Palm Reading.
Each element of my work is as important to me as the next and if I can help you please do get in touch and I would be happy to have a chat and if right for you, offer you an appointment. I offer an whole approach to therapy, my sessions are unhurried and are taliored to your own personal healing whether that be emotional or physical.

Like many others, with the gifts of mediumship running through my family, I connected to Spirit as a child, but it took many personal lessons and many life experiences before I was ready to connect back to Spirit and fullfill my life’s purpose as a Medium and Healer. My connection to Spirit was held back through childhood and early adolescence as life got in the way,  reappearing in my early twenties after the passing of my dear Grandad.  I look back now and I realise that each experience and each lesson throughout my life has been preparing me for my work as a Medium and Healer, this I feel has given me a broader understanding of our human spirit and a strong desire to be of service for the highest good of others .

Please enjoy browsing through the pages of my website and if you feel I can help you, please do get in touch.

Please find reviews or my work on Sarah Jewsbury Free Index or you can also find my work featuring in Spirit and Destiny and Soul Purpose (USA).

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