Sarah Jewsbury, working as a Medium and Healer...

... and I am very pleased to tell my story and offer my services to you.
I am based in Buckinghamshire but have travelled throughout the UK with my work.

My work as a Medium and Healer has allowed me to help many people and I am able offer the following services: one to one readings, group bookings, stage demonstrations, spirit rescue, house blessing/clearance, spiritual development classes, regular circles and healing.  Each element of my work is as important to me as the next and if I can help you please do get in touch and I would be happy to have a chat and if right for you, offer you an appointment.

Like many others, I connected to Spirit as a child, but it took many personal lessons and many life experiences before I was ready to connect back to Spirit and fullfill my life’s purpose as a Medium and Healer. My connection to Spirit was held back through childhood and early adolescence,  reappearing in my early twenties after the passing of my dear Grandad.  I look backnow I realise that each experience and each lesson throughout my life has been preparing me for my work as a Medium and Healer, this I feel has given me a broader understanding of our human spirit and a strong desire to be of service for the highest good of others .

Please enjoy browsing through the pages of my website and if you feel I can help you, please do get in touch.

I also have had the privilege of my work featuring and  Spirit and Destiny 

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